What is Glamping? Why Switzerland?

In mid-August, my husband will start a sabbatical in Zürich, Switzerland working in a materials science lab at the ETH (Swiss Federal Technical Institute). We will leave our home and friends in California and take up residence in a one-bedroom, university-owned apartment (otherwise called a two-room flat). We will sell our car here, pack two suitcases each and head off to the land of yodeling, chocolate, cheese and watches for a year-long adventure.

Glamping is glamour camping. While we will not actually be camping, we will be paring down our lives to the basics, and we plan to spend as much time in the beautiful outdoors of Europe, from the Alps to the lakes and rivers, farmlands and whatever coast we can find. Of course, we’ll enjoy cities, as well. While we have some ideas of what the year will bring, we also have no idea.

I imagine that this blog will be not only about this American’s take on life as an expat in Zürich, but also our travels, and to answer my friends’ question, “What will YOU do during the year?”

Stay tuned.