What to Expect

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.18.00 PMWith the help of the internet, I have been able to find out so much information about what to expect about life in Switzerland. I have read the book Swiss Life: Thirty Things I Wish I’d Known by Chantal Panozzo. After I gulped that book down in two days, I started perusing her extensive blog called One Big Yodel. Chantal is from Chicago and has now been in Switzerland for eight years and has great insight and information about many things Swiss.

I have also discovered the EnglishForum.ch which has all other kinds of information. I have posted a few questions and gotten a great response. I have also read many other posts.

So, what am I expecting? I do not expect for people to be friendly. I know that some will be, and that will be a bonus. I expect lots of gray skies. Zürich gets more rain than London. I expect to make mistakes and break some strange rule and have strangers feel free to tell me how I am wrong. I expect to be very confused about the trash and recycling rules. You can read an amazing post about trash here. I expect to be completely flummoxed by Swiss German and somewhat flummoxed by High German. But I will work on German every day and hopefully get somewhat fluent by the end of the year. I expect spectacular scenery. I expect exorbitant prices, and well, I’ll just live with it. I expect that my habit of being on time (thanks, Mom!) will come in very handy.

Knowing that this is only for a year, I feel as though I can handle anything. Then there will be the things that I know I will miss when I return home.


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