With 4 days to go, our house is mostly clean and ready for our tenants. We want to leave it in the kind of condition we would like to see upon our return. Of course, with moving furniture and vacuuming behind everything and putting items away, we see all the flaws in the walls, but at least everything is clean. I would be very happy to come back to our house in this condition.

I imagine, though, that what I consider clean here would be woefully insufficient in Switzerland. I have been reading about cleaning apartments upon moving out, and many people hire cleaners who guarantee that you will get your deposit back. Many suggest that you should not clean it yourself as you could get dinged for even some hard water spots on the sink. Cost for cleaning a 2-room flat? Could be 800 CHF (about $880). Our apartment is not supposed to have carpeting, so that should be easier to maintain.

I am hoping that if I keep on it, and we live there just under a year, (and spend a good amount of time traveling) it won’t be so bad, but we shall see. I also am not sure if University Housing is a little different than the rest of the city. 


2 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. So thrilled for you. I look forward to sharing your time vicariously through your blog. 🙂

  2. I am confident you can clean to meet the Swiss standards! There was no one affordable to hire to clean the very white house we had rented in Denmark and it turned out fine.

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