Our Fancy Camp (Apartment)

The Living Room

So, I didn’t want to put up ALL the photos of the apartment here, so I put them on this site.  The space has a modern European feel with all the white walls and mostly white furniture (except for the black leather couch and chairs). When it said it came fully furnished, it really does. Plenty of linens, and almost everything you would want in the kitchen (except we’re missing a coffee bean grinder). Also a vacuum and bucket and broom, as well as ironing board and iron, and so forth. We thought we might have to make a trip to IKEA at some point, but now I think we won’t need to.

When you enter the apartment (after 28 stairs outside to get to the building, then 45 steps up to the top floor, also called the second story) you come into a hall that is bigger than the bathroom. Here you’ll see a coat rack onto which we have hung all of our coats, hats, etc.

Off of the hall are the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom. Otherwise known as a 2-room flat. Since we live under the eaves of the roof, we have lots (and lots and lots) of little storage spaces which we will never use.

We have a dishwasher in the kitchen, but since we only have 4 of everything, we couldn’t really fill it up before we would need to use the dishes again, so for now we are hand-washing, and that takes about 2 minutes.

The double bed is European Style with two twin mattress shoved together and two duvets. We think that this is the style because it is easier to get twin mattresses up those tiny stairways.

Why it is best to live on the top floor:

  • No need for gym membership. Really. I’m hoping to get in better shape.
  • The floors are a little squeaky, so we don’t have to listen to anyone above us.
  • The view.
  • We are the only apartment with a balcony in this building.
  • Each tenant is responsible for keeping their part of the hallway clean. Easier when fewer people walk through your part.

2 thoughts on “Our Fancy Camp (Apartment)

  1. This looks like a very modern space. They had those dual mattresses and duvets when we were in the Czech Republic. Actually nice so you don’t feel each other’s movements.

  2. Will think of you at book club tonight! Your blog is delightful, hope you are acclimating and adventuring.

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