Inventory and House Rules

Now that we are tenants again, we have paperwork to attend to and rules to learIMG_3526n. Yesterday we decided to tackle the inventory list to see if what the apartment contains matches up with the 6 pages of items. The first items were easy: sofa, tv, bed, etc. When it came to items in the kitchen, well, that was trickier.

This is the hair-pulling page. We had to decipher which were the soup bowls, the breakfast bowls, the mocha cups (which we think are what we’d call espresso cups). I think I know the difference between tea towels and hand towels in general, but it wasn’t totally clear to me which were which, and there are a few linens that are pretty, but I don’t know what they are for. I also think we are missing some items, as well, and we want to make sure that we are not responsible for those.

We got a page of House Rules in German and English. Most of the rules make sense to me and I would follow them without having read this 2-page document. They must have known that I was coming since Item 4: Subitem 3 says: “Do not play a musical instrument before 8.00, after 21.00 or between 12.00 and 13.30. Sound systems such as radio, television, stereo system and musical instruments must be played at appropriate indoor volume levels to ensure no third parties are disturbed.”

Do not use washing machines or tumblers between 22.00 and 6.00, and always run/drain water softly between 22.00 and 6.00. I wonder how you run/drain water softly?

Personal Liability Insurance: In the US we have this through our homeowner’s insurance, but now we have renters in our house, we no longer have that, so we must “take out personal liability insurance covering damage by tenants, as well as home contents insurance.” It will also cover if we cause any harm to anyone.

But here is my favorite. It is deserves its own page. “Proper airing eliminates humidity and ensures comfort and healthy living. It can be repeated observed that the concept of airing living spaces in an appropriate way is not well understood.” Basically, we don’t want humidity building up in well-insulated structures. “It is important not to allow steam from the kitchen or bathroom to escape into the other rooms. There’s no danger of harming the kitchen or bathroom as long as the windows are opened from time to time. But the following points should also be borne in mind:

The whole dwelling should be aired thoroughly some two to four times daily for five minutes at a time by opening all the windows and doors.

There is no point in keeping the windows open longer, particularly in winter, as this is not very effective. Indeed, it often results in material damage and is harmful to the occupants’ health.”

It goes on to say that if the apartment is too cooled down, then heating costs will go up. Instructions on the level of humidity with humidifier are followed by the admonition that “fresh air that is either too humid or too dry is also harmful to health.”

So much to learn!


2 thoughts on “Inventory and House Rules

  1. I love the instructions about airing the apartment. When we were looking for a place to live a tenant said his place was nice, but if you didn’t open the windows each day mushrooms would grow (English was not his first language). I hope you enjoy the fresh air and stay healthy!

  2. I had a similar experience in Japan; the instructions (presumably in well-written Japanese, but halting English) said to air out the apartment daily to prevent mold.

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