Kunsthaus Zürich

If the Zürich Art Museum is 1) 15 minutes downhill from your apartment and 2) free to all on Wednesdays, then guess what we did yesterday? Yup. I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to take photos, but I saw many people doing it, and no one yelled at them, so I snapped a few. Turns out that Alberto Giacometti was Swiss (near the Italian border). Here’s a little quiz. Which of these five artworks are by the famous Swiss artist?

IMG_3533 IMG_3534 IMG_3535 IMG_3537 IMG_3539

Yes, you guessed it. They all are. I know Giacometti’s tall skinny people statues, but I did not know that he was also a painter, draftsman and printmaker. Some of his sculptures are cubist and white. I’m guessing our friend Steve knew this already, but we learned it today. 

The museum itself is quite a gem. We saw the regular collection today and it took us about 2 hours. The space is divided between the older and newer section, each one charming. The old section has lovely embellishments on the walls, rooms with a small rotunda ceiling, art nouveau grates, etc. The new section is open and you can see down a level or two from on top. It’s hard to explain, so if you come visit us, we’ll take you there to see for yourself. Or I will go back and take pictures of the space.


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