Uetliberg – Zürich’s Very Own “Mountain”


Looking out our living room window, you can see a big hill across the valley. Look closely on top and you can see a few towers. With a great deal of ease and a ZVV Albis pass, one can get up to those towers in an hour from our neck of the woods. Tram to the Hauptbanhof (main train station), then transfer to another tram that goes up the “mountain.” At the top, you see this little train station.


It tells you that you are at Uetliberg, where the altitude is 2,850 feet/868 meters. Head toward the towers. But before you reach the towers, you find the Planetenweg, a 1:1 billion-scale of the solar system. The picture on the left shows the distance from Venus back to the sun which is the yellow dot over the hikers’ heads.

IMG_3558 IMG_3563

At the towers, you climb one of them, but first you wait for a group of school kids to come down, whooping and hollering at each other and having a grand time. Kids are kids the world over. Then check out the view over the city and the Zürich See (Lake). Someone put up a little video of the city here. Their view has fewer clouds than ours.


This view has a conveniently-located X in the general vicinity of our flat.


After climbing down the tower, walk through gentle up and downs along the top of Uetliberg for views on both sides, little restaurants about every 20 minutes, cows on organic farms, and, my favorite, the loud machines fighting nature and hacking back any unruly green things so that nice people can have a nice walk.

IMG_3564 IMG_4337


After a nice picnic of bread and cheese (this IS Switzerland, after all) and all the wandering you like (2-2.5 hours), you find the gondola at Felsenegg and glide silently down the mountain to Adliswil where you can catch a tram back to the Hauptbahnhof.


The adventure could have ended there, but no. We wanted to take the advice of one of our friends who said, “if you can take part of your journey by boat, by all means, do it!” Our pass was good for the water taxi along the river, so we managed to squeeze on (we had to wait for the second one since the first was full). It’s not easy to take pictures from these very shallow boats, but we enjoyed riding down to the end of our 110 zone, disembarking, and figuring out which tram would get us home. It was easy.

IMG_3568 IMG_3570


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