ZüriRollt – Free Bike Rides


In the land of expensive this, expensive that, there are a few things which are free. In German it is called kostenlos. For one, you can borrow a bike, from various locations throughout town and ride to your heart’s delight and your tush’s endurance for only 20 CHF deposit per bike. Thank you, Züri rollt! These bikes have a cute little basket on back, 6-8 speeds, and a built-in lock.

This is what you can see when you ride through the city looking for all the helpful signs on the roads telling you where bikes can go (sometimes on the sidewalk, sometimes between the lane of cars turning right and the cars going straight ahead). With only about 4 or 5 stops to check the map again, we found the AWCZ (the American Women’s Club of Zürich) Clubhouse, the Farmer’s Market at Helvetiaplatz (which apparently runs until 11 a.m., so we were too late), and a little surprise.

While pedaling down the west side of the lake, we stumbled upon the Zürich Succulent Plant Collection.  Someone in this family is a huge succulent fan, and he steered us right up to the entrance. And guess what – it was kostenlos! Thousands of succulents from around the world, including from the Alps. A happy surprise for us.


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