Flea Market

I had contemplated getting a bike once we got here. I saw online where people would sell used ones for not too much money. I figured I would resell at the end of the year. Then, after walking uphill to get home, I realized that not only would I be pushing a bike uphill for longer than I wanted to, but that I would still have to carry it up 29 steps (shallow steps at that) to the flat. I have changed my mind about getting a bike. (Also, thinking about the rain and snow that are coming up makes walking with an umbrella easier to think about.) Besides, I am getting in good shape with all the walking uphill, and the miles I put in every day. H threatens to get me a fitness bracelet to track my amazing prowess.

One of the other places I had heard about where you might get a used bike was at the Zürich Flea Market. Even though my desire for a bike is gone, I can hardly resist looking at old stuff. Despite the clouds, crowds of people were wandering the open-air offerings. I read that there are between 400-500 vendors at this place, and I believe it. The coverings you see are tents, not umbrellas. 


Not in the market for too much (just a yoga mat, and also a cheaper hair dryer than the one I saw in Coop City on sale for over $70) I ended up not buying anything, but enjoyed viewing the various offerings. If I had a child, I would certainly go to this market for clothes and toys. Plenty of tchotchkes, linens, junk, watches, clothes, statues, knives, tools, silverware up the wazoo, records, postcards, and one cuckoo clock.

Swiss Army Knives, anyone?


This photo is for one of my faithful readers. You know who you are.


I loved the old cameras (and a few typewriters)



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