Migration Office

Ok, Glamptopelementers. I thought I might have nice juicy post today about our trip to the Migration Office. When we last met the Swiss bureaucracy for our residence permits, they set up an appointment to have our biometrics (photos and fingerprints) taken. Today was the day, so we got up a little earlier than usual (7:15!), and when we got to the tram, we used two of our “all day” passes. As much as we have been walking, we didn’t really want to walk 6.2 km round-trip, especially if it might make us late.

The 10-minute tram ride (on Tram 10) took us past new sights (including the lrchel branch of the University of Zürich), and although we had given ourselves 12 minutes to find the building, we still arrived inside by 8:45 for our 9:00 appointment, and we were walking out of the building at 8:54. How’s that for Swiss efficiency? Our residence permits should arrive in 5-10 working days.

It all happened so fast that I forgot to take a photo of the building, so I have shamelessly grabbed one off of the web.

The best part? No additional cost. I guess they took enough money from us last week.

With extra time and the all-day pass burning a hole in our pockets, we headed to ShopVille to see if we could find H an umbrella (Regenschirm or Schirm). Using his good eyes, he bypassed the ones on the racks outside the stores ($20-30) and found one inside on sale for $9. The cashier laughed and asked if it was raining outside. We assured her that it was a lovely day outside (remember ShopVille never sees the light of day being underground), but that perhaps it would rain tomorrow.

So, I find myself now with a sunny day (and promises of rain tomorrow) and an all-day pass in my hand. It seems a shame to ride the tram on such a lovely day. It seems a shame to not ride the tram since I already paid for it. Now, where to go after lunch?

– – – – – – – – –

Silly me. Why did I think I had to choose between riding the tram and walking? I decided to take the tram to the part of town where I may be meeting people to make music. There is an Old-Time Music meet-up at an Irish Pub and the orchestra I have contacted which are not only very near each other, but also close to the American Women’s Club. I took the Number 9 tram to Kreis 3 and walked between all three places, scoping them out so that I can find them the next time I go. The sun was shining and I enjoyed seeing a new part of town.


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