Wandering Old Town

Still wanting to squeeze a little more fun out of our all-day tram passes, we also took advantage of the warm and beautiful evening to head to the river. Now, we can get to the river and back on foot in not much time, but I thought that it would be lovely to return up the hill via tram when we were tired. Good thought.

Maybe because it is still August, maybe because we live in a real city, but even on a Thursday night, many, many people were out strolling, sitting in sidewalk cafes, and enjoying the atmosphere. I so enjoy just being around such liveliness. 

Along the way I thought I would take some pictures of doors since a friend of mine said that her husband is crazy about doors. I put up a whole photo album of these doors here. 

Even though we’ve strolled die Alte Stadt (the old city) several times already, there are always new nooks and crannies to find, not to mention revisiting some of our favorite spots. 

St. Peter’s Church. The largest clock face in Europe.

View of the Limmat River and buildings on the east side as seen from the Lindenhof.

Grossmuenster in silhouette

Evening light on Fraumuenster

I didn’t take many other kinds of photos besides doors and sunset-on-the-churches, except for this one. Too bad the store was closed…


p.s. I actually did see the butter in the Coop this morning. I thought you might like to know.


3 thoughts on “Wandering Old Town

  1. The butter things was keeping me up — I’m glad that has been resolved, :). Also, I think it’s important that you get back to that chocolatier and provide a detailed report to your readers assessing *each* type of treat offered.

    When Cheryl and I went for walks in London, I was often surprised by the number of interior alleys and cut-throughs that existed for pedestrians. Most of them I could only notice because I happened by when someone was entering or exiting a nondescript entrance. We enjoyed walking along them because they were often the “front yard” of residences and were well-kept with beautiful flowers, etc. I wonder if there is a similar phenomenon in Zurich…

  2. The old town certainly has great little alleyways (Gassen) for ducking into and out of, but whenever we walk in the residential areas there are definitely separations between public and private space – many fences and walls – but sometimes we can peek through a gate and see lovely yards.

  3. So the butter issue is resolved, but I am still waiting to hear about how to run/drain water quietly.

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