Housing Options Reflections

We are some of the very fortunate people who move to Switzerland with a place already ready for us. Fully furnished, to boot. Many people take up to several months to find places to live, maybe longer.

We are in housing owned and operated by the ETH, and about 6 months ago they offered us 4-5 different flats with addresses, a picture of the outside of the building and floor plans. 

Now that we are here, we’ve had a chance to scope out the other places we didn’t choose. This one was an early contender because of its close proximity to the HB.



This one is just behind us and appears to have more flats in the building.


Home Sweet Home! Now that we are here, we are very glad we chose this one. First of all, it is a one-bedroom (the others had two), and thus we save about $500/month. We also like this street the best, and with only two other families in the building, it’s very cozy. (That dormer on the top floor is our bedroom window.) The 62 m2 (or 688 sq. ft.) is plenty of room for the two of us. (The bottom floor is the basement with lots of storage and laundry.)



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