Book Club


Although I had been to the clubhouse for the American Women’s Club of Zürich (AWCZ) by bike and tram, I had not yet walked there. It takes about 30 minutes to walk there and 35 minutes to walk home. Taking the tram would probably shave off about 3 minutes going and 8 minutes coming back. I hoped I wouldn’t get lost, and I didn’t. I only needed to check the map once. 

The reason for the clubhouse visit yesterday was book club. I had not yet read The Goldfinch (at over 700 pages I knew I would not finish it in a week), but the group leader said to come anyway. The discussion with 15 women was lively and lasted over an hour on the book. (On our last sabbatical one of the book clubs I attended would devote a whole 10 minutes to the book and the other hour and 20 minutes to chitchat.) Apparently one of the other highlights of this book club is lunch afterwards. I did not know that and made plans to come home for lunch, so I will know to factor that in for next time.

I have so far been lucky to be stocked with reading material. I brought along two paperbacks which I have not yet started, I have some free classics on my e-reader, (also not yet read), but I have read several books on e-loan through the LA Country Library. (I recommend Empire Falls by Ricard Russo which my Claremont Book Club discussed last month.)

The other great thing about the AWCZ clubhouse is the lending library of English-language books. I asked how many books I could check out at one time and they said, “How many can you carry?” I checked out three travel guides on Paris since we have plans to go there in just over a week…. (!) I did not ask if there was a time limit. I guess I should find out….


2 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. This all sounds really fabulous! I am impressed with the energy and enthusiasm you have brought to your relocation. So are the books and conversation in German or English? I hope you are having as good a time as it appears! Enjoy!

  2. I would have a hard time reading an entire novel in German. I could probably have a conversation in German about a book I had read in English, but not at a very high level. So, this is all in English. And yes, we are really having a marvelous time! I thought that adjusting to a new culture would be more difficult than it has proven to be. All the preparation for the past year has really paid off, not to mention that the ETH where H is working has been marvelous.

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