Botanical Garden


After a drizzly Friday, Saturday turned out to be glorious. With a high of 78 (which felt more like mid-80s for those of us used to dry weather) and full sun, it was a day to relax and enjoy the city. I seem to find things I want to do which require 30 minutes to walk to. The route to the Botanical Garden of the University of Zürich took us through new territory (from Kreis 7 into Kreis 8) in an easy half hour. 

The garden is free and just the right size to enjoy without being overwhelmed. There are various areas highlighting plants from around the world, including vegetables and herbs, as well as three tropical greenhouses (pictured above). People of all ages were strolling around, lying on the grass, reading books, taking photos, and soaking up the sun. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from today:


A behive


Very interesting lily pads which were shaped like cake pans


In the jungle greenhouse




One thought on “Botanical Garden

  1. Beautiful! You should start a Pinterest account and post all your beautiful pictures there.

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