One-Month Check-In

Wow! We have been here for four weeks today, and the time has gone incredibly fast for me. People ask me how I am doing, and I can honestly say I am having a fabulous time. I know where to grocery shop and what I can expect to find in the stores, I know how to walk to various places and not get lost. Or if I do, the map in my purse will set me straight in no time. I have at least two social engagements a week. I am playing my fiddle and soon I will join an orchestra. I am reading books. I am getting plenty of sleep. I am learning more and more German. The paperwork associated with being here is nearly complete, and soon we’ll have a postal account so we can transfer money with more ease. We have seen the incredibly amazing Alps. We have seen a few other places and have plans for more travel.

I looked back on this post from before we left California about what I was expecting, and here is what has actually come to pass:

I didn’t expect people to be friendly, but as reserved as people are on the street, many will make eye contact and smile. The people at the Post Office and the KreisBüro and the Migration office have all been very helpful and kind.

I expected gray skies. And while we have had our share of those, the sun will come out at least for a little while on most days. We shall see how this continues. Or not.

I have not broken any rules that I know of, yet. Or I have not been called out on anything. Fingers crossed.

Got most of the trash/recycling down with only a few questions left. The post about trash from the English Forum that I mentioned in my post? Well, I actually met the woman who wrote it! Not only that, she is a Scripps alumna.

My German is somewhat better than it was a month ago. This is a slow process, but it  moves forward more than backward.

The fabulous scenery and exorbitant prices are true. And I knew that there would be things that I could do without. We rarely eat out, but I have time to make meals, and I don’t feel deprived of not eating out. (I do have a little chocolate every day….)

So, eat a piece of chocolate and think of me!


2 thoughts on “One-Month Check-In

  1. Dear Charlotte,

    Sounds as though you are setting in well! I envy you the Alpine scenery, and the newness of the experience. And of COURSE your German is moving “forward more than backward” — unless you characterize Swiss German as “backward.”

    Have you looked for that book, Gebrauchsanweisung für Amerika? Maybe the library would have a copy.

    Off to do some last-minute prep, classes begin on Monday.

    Best to you both!!

    Fondly, Anne

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