I have read that the Swiss wear very neutral colors, so I brought along a subdued wardrobe (and a colorful purse). While I have noticed quite a bit of black and gray and white, I have certainly seen a variety of clothing colors. Especially shoes. Someone could be wearing a perfectly somber outfit, but the neon shoe colors really stand out!

IMG_4459 IMG_4463 IMG_4638

And my personal favorite…. Socks with sandals.



I originally thought that my clothes would make me stand out as an American, or at least an Ausländer, but the clothing styles here seem very similar to those in the U.S. People do come up to me and start speaking in German or Swiss German, so I guess I do not look out of place, even with basic black shoes or brown sandals sans socks.


One thought on “Footwear

  1. Please do not adapt sandals with socks – that’s awful. I don’t kow why some Swiss and even more German men wear this combination. Have you already noticed following: Bermudas shorts (ends below the knee) 3/4 socks (end in the middle of the calf = 5cm free white flesh) and hiking sandals, brrrrr.

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