A Gift from Die Post


We have arrived back in our sweet flat this evening after a week in Paris. Yes, Paris, France! I cannot start to blog about this grand adventure until I have a night’s sleep and some time to sort through photos and think about the best way to share our thoughts and experiences.

So, while we were away (and trying to parse out French words beyond Bonjour and Merci), I got to thinking about Switzerland and logged on to English Forum to see what we had been missing “back home”. Lo and behold, I discovered this thread that said that every household in Switzerland had been sent 4 free A stamps (first class) by Die Post. (The thread has some funny comments about it, if you care to scroll through.) It was with *great* anticipation that I looked forward to looking in our mailbox, and I was not disappointed! ; ) We already have a letter we need to send to the city for tax purposes, although now we don’t need to go visit our favorite postal worker for that.

Since we have been in Zürich for over a month, arriving here feels like coming home. We knew that we needed to pick up a few things from the grocery store at the HB since stores will be closed tomorrow. We knew the most direct route from our train platform to the grocery store, and then we realized that we did not have our Half-Tax cards with us (for reduced rates on the tram), so we decided to walk up the hill. Anyway, after four hours on a train, it felt good to stretch our legs.


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