The Seine: Day and Night

When I was a wee child, I had an LP record that taught some basic French vocabulary through song. I believe the first song was called “France is a Country” where I learned not only the name of the country, but also Paris, Mt. Blanc, and the Seine River. IMG_4827 Now, these many years later, I found myself strolling up and down that very river for a few days. One can walk up high, along the streets, and see the book sellers with their green boxes. IMG_4828 You can also see the many, many locks that lovers have attached to the bridges (and the people selling locks), but along this bridge the locks have gotten so heavy that chunks of the railings have sagged and are then removed. You can read an article about this in the NY Times. IMG_4834 When you walk down, along the river, you get a good look at the undersides of the bridges. IMG_4846One afternoon we decided to stroll on the opposite shore (the left bank, I believe) and enjoyed the surprising things we found. This art was free from buildings. This large statue had no sign on it that we saw, but we are pretty sure it was by Niki de Saint Phalle of  Stravinsky Fountain and Zürich HB Angel fame. IMG_5155 This large mural along a curved wall featured trash, some from the river. IMG_5161 We also saw this curious structure with a door and people’s feet inside, so we went in. It was a small space with benches up high (H had to help me up) so you could sit and enjoy the plants and the quiet. IMG_5158 IMG_5162 The night boat tour was awfully delightful. For an hour we sat on the top deck at the front and watched Paris all lit up and listened to our sweet tour guide share her love of the city.


Museé d’Orsay

IMG_5050 IMG_5081 It would seem that many of Europe’s great and smaller cities straddle a river with many possibilities for enjoyment.


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