Following Amélie

In preparation for our Paris trip, we re-watched Amélie, a sweet French movie about a shy waitress in Montmartre. Then I dug around on the internet and found the filming locations of some of the spots and wrote them on the walking map we had of Montmartre. We started on the back side of the hill with muffins and lattes at Soul Kitchen (decaf to be had!). Sitting along the bar at the open window and watching people walk by on their way to work on a sunny Tuesday morning, we knew we should have arrived a little earlier as we watched three trams of tourists drive by. Oh well. IMG_4858 We walked to the top of the hill to get a good look at the Sacré-Coeur, the Huge Basilica and to look over the gloriousness that is Paris. Well, when it’s not hazy, it is probably a wondrous view. IMG_4863 The Basilica is grand, and we enjoyed the outside without feeling the need to enter. I’m sure it’s grand inside, too. IMG_4868 Wandering around and trying not to look like pickpocket targets, we had a hard time finding the little grocery store from the movie where Amélie runs her fingers through the beans, but we persevered and were rewarded for our efforts. No beans, but lots of lovely fruit out front. IMG_4877 We also found the the Abbesses Metro Stop and the carousel. IMG_4873 IMG_4889My favorite part of Montmartre was the 2 Moulins, the restaurant where Amélie worked. We ended up eating lunch there and thoroughly enjoyed the food, the nice waiter and watching all the tourists come in just to take a photo. I sat in the seat that the guy sat in in the movie, but the glass behind it is not there. I also went to the famous bathroom. Watch the movie to see what I mean. IMG_4908 IMG_4912That evening we continued our Amélie quest by walking from our flat to the Canal St. Martin to see where it was that she skipped stones while standing on the lock. I would not have done that, and it looked like no one was allowed to go out there. IMG_4932 IMG_4934It looks way more glamorous in the movie.


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