Joie de Vivre

For my last Parisian post, I must close with what it felt like to be in the City of Light. Coming from Switzerland, the first thing I noticed when I walked into the train station is how multi-ethnic it is. It felt, in that way, like being back in L.A.

That’s not exactly what I was thinking, though, when I planned this post. I want to write about the happy feeling of being in this huge city. Of course, we were on vacation, so it was easy to feel happy – not rushed, enjoying museums and wandering and food.

The first night we were there, we wandered onto the bridge between the two islands with our ice cream cones from Berthillon.


The sounds of Dixieland Jazz made us stop and sit on the curb.


While we were enjoying the fine art of sitting, other people were enjoying the fine art of dancing to the tunes.

IMG_4855 IMG_4856

These are the things you can’t put into a guidebook and the things you remember.

We were not the only ones, of course, who know about the fine art of sitting. We saw evidence of that throughout the city.

In parks:


In the Place des Vosges


A typical bench


Luxembourg Gardens. I could have stayed here for many hours.

In cafés and restaurants:


Café des 2 Moulins


404 – Moroccan restaurant in the Marais

And just eating the very best strawberries ever from the Rue Cler:


Au revoir, Paris. Until next time!


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