IMG_5434 Even though we left the Alpabzug after eating lunch, we weren’t quite ready to come home. Our tickets had us changing trains in Luzern, and we decided to stop in that fabled city for a few hours to see the sights on such a glorious day. Add Canton Luzern to our list. We rarely go anywhere without planning what we will do or see (or at least have a starting plan), and we arrived in the HB with no map. No worries. Follow the i sign to the tourist info and pick up a free map. We knew about the covered bridges, and, in good fashion, much of the stuff you want to see is right out the train station doors. Lake Luzern was ripe for the wandering and sitting and looking out across at the mountains. The view of Mount Pilatus was a little hazy, but perhaps we will go back someday and ride the world’s steepest cogwheel railway to the top. IMG_5469 IMG_5440According to the map there were some towers attached to the original city walls that could be climbed, so we walked up the hill to see. IMG_5465 IMG_5464The views were pretty good (still hazy, but we got the idea). Back down the hill we strolled across the bridges and admired the artwork on the roof supports. IMG_5480 IMG_5460 More old town wandering, a stop at a cafe along the river for a drink, we wandered back to the train station. IMG_5451 IMG_5436 Luzern reminded us of Zürich a little, but it is smaller and more quaint. Upon arriving home, I remembered that the city has a transportation museum that is supposed to be fabulous. I think we’ll save that for a cold winter day’s entertainment.


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