On day five in Zürich, we walked to the top of the Zürichberg (the name of the big hill we live on) and saw the cemetery and wandered through the woods down the other side of the mountain (to see what we could see….). What I was really hoping to find was a farm vending machine that I had read about on the English Forum. We were unsuccessful that day.

This Sunday we tried again. First of all, I noticed that in 6 weeks I am in much better condition than I was when we arrived and could hike the up (and down) much faster. Without stopping at the cemetery (closed on Sundays, it appeared) or the Zoo (which was doing a great business), we sought out the farm with produce for sale. Just when we didn’t think we’d find it (and the post we had read was four years old, so we were not sure if it was still there), our perseverance paid off. You rather have to know that you are looking for it, or you might never venture over to the farm off of the road.


As advertised, we found apples (4-5 kinds), potatoes and eggs. We bought a kilo of apples, a kilo of potatoes and 6 eggs for the great price of $9.45.


It is a two-hour round trip, so I don’t think this will be a weekly habit, but I was so happy to find this place!

The apple trees are under nets.


The farm had some cute goats, and, of course, we saw some more cows.

IMG_5495 IMG_5491



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