Duvet Covers


When we starting using Duolingo to practice our German online (for free!), one of the words that came up early was Bettbezug. It translated as both sheet and duvet cover. It seems to be a European way (at least in some countries) to use the duvet cover as the top sheet. This person on the EF was flummoxed by that and a nice long discussion of duvet covers vs. flat sheets ensued.

Yesterday when I washed the covers, it didn’t take me long to re-cover the duvet. As one of the posters said, Turn the duvet cover inside out, grab the far corners from the inside (i.e. The ouside corners) and the corners of the duvet and just flip the cover rightside around the duvet. Shake (keeping hold of the corners) and you are done.

Later on in the thread someone posted two youtube videos about covering duvets saying these ways were easy, but really, they both look like more trouble then they are worth. One is like a jelly roll….



All of this reminds me of a post I made on my Claremont blog about folding fitted sheets.

And I still don’t particularly like the two-duvet system, but I’m getting used to it.


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