Eating Out with Book Club

Last month when I went to book club, they wanted to know who was going out to lunch afterwards so they could make a reservation. I didn’t know about this tradition, and I had made plans for lunch at home. This month I was ready. Armed with some francs and an appetite, I was ready.

One of the women offered me a ride (in a car! I haven’t been in a car since August 14!) and I didn’t pay attention to where we were going, so when we got to the restaurant I pulled out my street map and had someone show me where we were so I could figure out how to get home.

Apparently this Lebanese restaurant is a favorite with the book club, and the wait staff knows the group. The chef did not come in to say hello today, although they said he usually does. The eight of us had a lovely time for 1 ½ hours, discussing politics and world events. From the fixed menu I was told that the lamb kebob plate was excellent, so I ordered that. It was quite tasty.

IMG_3831 IMG_3832

Although I have not really experienced a great deal of true Swiss culture in just our 7 weeks here, the women shared stories of frustrations they’ve had in the past years here. For example, someone tried to return a purse because it ended up not going with a pair of shoes. The sales people did not want to accept the return. Later the woman found out that if she had said that her husband didn’t like it they would have accepted it without any issues. Hmmm.

Anyway, at the end of the meal, the waitress came and asked us if anyone had left a black jacket the last time we were there (a month ago) and proceeded to bring it out. They had known it was someone from our group and had kept it on a hanger until our return. The woman who thought it was lost forever was so grateful and told them in her German how happy she was. So, for as much as some things here can be frustrating, some things are great.


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