Thai Food on a Quiet Sunday


Here in Europe, as in many parts of the world, things close down on Sundays. In Zürich the Shopville in the HB is open, the trams run less often, but they do run, but most of the restaurants and all of the other stores are closed. You are not supposed to work on Sundays, so supposedly that means no gardening or washing clothes (although the machines really do all the work). I hope we didn’t offend anyone, but I gave H a haircut yesterday…

Anyway, we decided to go out to eat for the noon meal. H found a Thai restaurant on yelp with fairly good reviews, so we headed out into the sunshine for a stroll. Walking along my usual route into the Old Town, I was struck by how quiet everything is. Not many people were out, and those who were, moved at a relaxed pace. I rather enjoyed that.

Once at the restaurant Ah-Hua, we were seated at the end of a table with three other people. We exchanged a polite Grüetzi, and they continued their conversation. Although they were speaking English, it was clear that it was not their native tongue.

I ordered a curry and when the waitress asked me a question, I could not for the life of me figure out what she was asking. Turns out I had a choice of red or green curry, but the words she used did not sound like rot or grün. Past that hurdle, the rest of the ordering went fine.

Turns out that Thai food here (at least at Ah-Hua) is closer to the spiciness of Thailand than it is in any of our favorite Thai places in So. Cal. H was kind enough to swap dishes with me, and I happily ate his Pad-See-Ewe (which was quite mild).


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