Eight weeks ago, the day before we left the US, I went to my salon and asked for a very short cut. I wanted it to last a long time so that I 1) would have time to find someone to cut my hair in Switzerland and 2) save up my CHFs. Like everything else here, haircuts can be very pricey. After asking around, I decided to go to the Caroline Rohwer Salon. I chose this place because 1) I could easily walk there 2) the women in the salon speak English as their mother tongue (I don’t think my German is at the point where I could discuss what I want with my hair) 3) it was a tiny bit less expensive than other places I’d seen online. (I have seen Supercuts-type places around, but no one could recommend one of them to me.)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.55.52 PM

This photo taken from the website. There were cars parked in front when I tried to take a photo.

Not only that, but I could book the appointment by email which was easy. I have to say that I was very pleased with Melody. She was super sweet and took a long time on my hair. I had booked just a cut (blow dry and styling are an additional $31), but she said that since this was my first time, she wanted to style my hair so she could see how the cut worked. After the blow dry, she continued to refine the cut, making sure I was happy with everything. I just swallowed my pricing expectations (as I am starting to do with many things) and decided that with the free extra styling, I was okay with the $94 cut…. I will definitely go back.


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