Postkonto Karten


Hooray! The Postkonto cards arrived in the mail yesterday. This means that tomorrow we can get the stipend money into the account and pay our health insurance. We were talking to some friends yesterday and we told them that the health insurance was content to wait for our account for payment, and they said, “Yeah, the Swiss are pretty trusting. Besides, sometimes the bills don’t arrive for over a month, anyway.”

We still need to get the PINs to arrive in order to get money out of the ATM. Yesterday we discovered that Denner (a discount grocery store) does not take credit cards, but it does take Postkonto cards. (We’ve heard that some Denner stores do take credit cards, but most don’t.) We have now been to two of them. They are not sprinkled thickly about the city the way that Migros and Coop are, so we had to make a little effort to find the closest one. Our venture was rewarded with finding cheap dark chocolate (with 72% cacao), snacks that resemble Chex Mix, olives with no pits, and little pickles. It is also the Trader Joe’s equivalent for inexpensive wines from around the world.


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