20 Minuten

After eight weeks here (two months on Wednesday), we have developed some routines. One of my favorites happens every weekday at lunch. H walks home from lab, passing the tram stop where the free newspaper, 20 Minuten waits for him. We go through the paper together learning little tidbits of news, from what’s going on in Zürich as well as the rest of Switzerland, and in other parts of the world.

We learned about how wolves are coming back to live in the woods around town.


We can read our daily horoscope. Mine is die Zwillinge (twins, otherwise known as Gemini). H is der Schütze (the hunter, otherwise known as Sagittarius). So enlightening.


The best part, though, is working our way through Calvin and Hobbes. We generally find that we understand the first three panels of four, but we always have to look something up at the end. Humor is usually a bit harder to translate, but it’s worth the effort.



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