When we registered to live here, one of the questions we had to answer was whether we were Protestant or Catholic. I don’t know if we had other choices, but we answered Protestant. Not giving it another thought, we carried on. The consequences of our answer have brought us interesting mail through Die Post. The Reformed Churches in Switzerland began in Zürich by Zwingli in the 1520s.  Our very own Kirche Fluntern, whose bells serenade us every day and night, is a Reformed church. Now we get mail from them.

Here is a request for donations to good works in Romania. (Fill out the red/pink slip and take it to Die Post with a cash payment, or go online to contribute.)


Here is the newsletter that comes once a month or so.


Not with the church, but you can also donate to the Red Cross. You know the Red Cross started here in Switzerland, didn’t you?



One thought on “Reformed

  1. When we registered Xandie for the European School in Germany we had to check Catholic, Protestant, or other. I believe a portion of one’s taxes go to the selection of choice (I don’t know where other goes…)

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