Spaß mit Schwiizerdütsch

That is only one of many variations for spelling Swiss German. I cannot even begin to write a blog post about the kinds of German spoken in Switzerland. Mostly because I know very little about the various forms of Swiss German, except that I have a hard time understanding any of them. In short, each area speaks its own version, it is not a written language, children learn it first and then start learning High German/Written German/Standard Swiss German (what have you) in school.

I have shared this youtube video with many people, but if you have not yet seen it, take a minute to watch it here and enjoy various phrases in 1) English 2) High German 3) Zürich German and 4) Vallis German (in the south German-speaking portion of Switzerland).

I am also enjoying the Facebook Page called Swiss German. They post a series of sayings in Swiss German which you can not only read, but listen to. If I was staying longer than a year and meeting more Swiss people, and if my German was more sophisticated, I might try to learn Schwiizerdütsch, but at this point, if I can learn a few important words, I think I’ll be doing well. If you aren’t on Facebook, you can see one of the examples here.


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