Rösti at Home

One of the best things that has happened for my daily life here is that I rarely eat processed foods. There are such things in the grocery stores (Coop has just come out with an Indian food line), but they are rather expensive. Besides, I have the time this year to actually make real food.

However…we kept seeing these packages of Rösti in the grocery stores and were tempted. Rösti, along with Fondue and Raclette are traditional Swiss foods (and cheese and chocolate, of course). Basically, Rösti is glorified hash browns, and I have yet to meet a hash brown I haven’t liked. None of the various recipes for Rösti seem to agree on the best method for preparation. Maybe I will just have to try various ways this year and take home the one (or ones) I like best. If one is short on time, though, one can buy pre-made Rösti in any store and have it on the table in under 15 minutes. We tried this the other night, putting a fried egg on top. This is one way of preparing the dish. Others include adding ham, cheese, bacon, or apples. It was not bad, and I think we shall keep a package or two around for one of those days when we need something in a hurry. IMG_3827 As far as I know, broccoli is not very traditional as an accompaniment. IMG_3828


One thought on “Rösti at Home

  1. Hi, there was a currently article in the Tagesanzeiger: http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/leben/essen-und-trinken/Auf-der-Suche-nach-der-perfekten-Roesti/story/10356016
    My Mam did it following: cook the potatoes the day before (with skin). Peel, slice and roast it in enough butter or Bratfett mit Butter. Put salt or Aromat 🙂 on it. Make a hole in the middle and put a piece butter and salt/Aromat in. With a piece of Butter go around the pan rim. Don’t turn the rosti until the bottom is golden brown. When turning the rösti ( cover with a plate and turn), but some butter/Fett first and proceed as before.
    It’s quite a work and the rösti taste s differently than hash browns. Very buttery 🙂
    I hope you are going to like.

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