Continuing Adventures with Die Post

Perhaps this will be the final post about Die Post, but who knows?


Getting the cards in the mail was only our first step to becoming full-fledged account holders. Next came the little package with the enclosed “calculator.” Plus a bunch of papers under separate cover. Then we had to wait for our PINs to arrive on another day.

All set. Ready. Read the instructions, watch the videos on how to access our account online. It is not as simple as one might think. You have an account number, an IBAN number (for your financial institution), an ID number and a PIN. The yellow calculator-type thing is a card-reader. When you go online, you type in some of your numbers, then are prompted with a code, then you put your card in the reader, type in the code, and it gives you a one-time code to actually log on.

Now we are ready to pay our health insurance online as well as get Swiss Francs from the Post’s ATMs. Hooray!

However, we heard from H’s research group administrator that Die Post has suspended / ended giving accounts to Americans (or maybe any foreigners?) as of just recently. I cannot be certain of this, but I am glad that we have our account finally up and running.


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