Our First Visitors

I could probably blog a few more days about Vienna, but I have hit the highlights. Now that we are back home (and it really is feeling more like home all the time), we’ve already had our first visitors, and I need to catch up with the visit from my parents.

Every sabbatical we’ve had (this is our fourth), my folks have come to visit us. 1993 in Boston, 1999 in Palo Alto, 2008 in Evanston, so this is the first international sabbatical visit.

October in Zürich has been especially warm this year. Until the day my parents arrived, of course. We’d been having temps in the upper 60s, but then the fallout from Hurricane Gonzalo covered Europe this week and the temps dropped into the upper 40s and 50s and the clouds loomed. That meant that it was a good time to explore museums in town.

Wednesday is still the free day at the Kunsthaus (Art Museum), so we took advantage of that. I had forgotten (already) what a great museum it is, and it was such a pleasure to revisit the space. Even though many of the Giacometti pieces are in Vienna right now, there are still plenty of them left here. Besides those pieces, there are also plenty of other great works to enjoy.

IMG_3901 IMG_3902

We had been wanting to go to the Landesmuseum (the Swiss National Museum), so this was a perfect opportunity to go. We didn’t make it to the special exhibit of ties, but we were excited to see the globe from the mid-1500s. Back in August when we went to the famous library in St. Gallen, we saw the replica of this globe and learned of the tussle between Zürich and St. Gallen over this object.

The exterior of the museum which is in a castle next to the HB. The outside is undergoing some renovations, so you have to walk around all kinds of construction.


The original globe. If you put your hand too close, an alarm goes off. How did we know?


A diorama. I forget of what, but I like miniatures.


We managed to walk the “History of Switzerland” backwards since the elevator takes you up that way.


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