I haven’t really been homesick these past two and a half months. I DO miss friends and family, but the magic of the internet helps quell that a bit. But on Sunday when we were out enjoying the sun (we do that whenever we can since the gray days approach), I remarked that I sort of wished that we could watch a football game on tv and eat chips and salsa. That remark went over poorly since I could tell that H felt a hankering for at least the chips and salsa. (How could we even think about such a thing after that fabulous raclette the night before?)

Then I remembered that someone, somewhere had told me that there are canned black beans at the SihlCity Coop. Of course, we have not yet splurged on the black beans we bought last month, but I accepted the challenge to find whatever SihlCity was and get there.

Turns out, it’s really easy. One 20-minute tram ride with no transfers. And the tram lets you off at the front door of this big, glitzy mall. Big, glitzy malls are NOT what I miss about home, but there you have it. Another thing I don’t miss about home is the introduction of Christmas merchandise in October. Without Halloween to get in the way here, you can already start buying advent calendars, Christmas chocolate, wrapping paper, etc. Oh, well.

Notice that this grocery store (think Swiss Super Target with Swiss prices) is on the second floor. Wait. Here they call it the first floor since you start with the ground floor.

IMG_3924 IMG_3925 IMG_3927

I think I tried all of the escalators in SihlCity. And I’m pretty sure I went down every food aisle in the Coop. It took me two times down the “Food from other lands” aisle to find the black beans, but I finally found them, in cans as well uncooked in a bag (for half the cost of the Mexican food store we went to last month).

As long as I was having an American experience in the mall, I thought I may as well buy some chips. They were on big Aktion (sale) with two small bags stuck together for $6.

And tomorrow I think I’ll write about the Swiss Diet Plan. But first, let me open a bag of chips….



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