The Swiss Diet

You can stop reading all those ads about how to lose weight, glampers, because I have discovered the REAL way. Move to Switzerland. No joke.

At my last physical before I left home, my doctor suggested that I might gain weight this year. He must have been thinking about the cheese and the chocolate. However, he did not take into consideration all these other factors.

1. Food is expensive. Buy less, eat less.

2. Junk food, fast food, processed food is even more expensive. Consume it once every two months or so.

3. Cars are expensive. Don’t own a car. Walk everywhere.

4. Live on a hill. Walk up that hill every day. Carry some of those groceries while you are at it.

5. Live on the top floor of a flat with no lift. Do laundry in the basement.

6. Enjoy cheese and chocolate. A little. Every. single. day. It makes you happy and not feel as though you are on a diet.

We do not have a scale, and I do not know how much I weigh in kilos, although I think I would enjoy that number better than pounds. So, how do I know that I have lost weight? I’ll tell you. I have been wearing the same two pairs of jeans, but when we went out to the raclette dinner (think I really enjoyed it? I keep reliving it! And there was cheese…..) I decided to pull out my nice, new dress pants for the occasion. When I bought them 3 months ago, they fit pretty well – a little loose. Well, I had to have H pin them in about an inch (or 2.5 cm) in the back, otherwise they would have fallen off! I did a little happy dance….

So why are my jeans still fitting? My theory is that because the dryer is really hot, they shrink a little bit each time I wash and dry them. Excuse me while I go grab a piece of dark chocolate….


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