Zürcher Brockenhaus

With weekends reserved for outings, we must carve out some weekday times for exploring Zürich. Long lunch hours mean time to try something or some place new. Yesterday, in unseasonably warm weather, we ran some errands and found our way to the Zürcher Brockenhaus – Zürich Thrift Store. Every time we leave town on the train, we pass this building near the train station.


I had read these yelp reviews about it and decided we just had to go take a look-see. As a thrift store, it ranks a $$$ rating, and that’s probably because it has some nice antiques as well as clothes, housewares, records, books, children’s stuff, and anything else you might find in an American thrift store.

I didn’t take too many pictures inside, feeling a little self-conscious in a foreign country, but here are a couple.


Notice the yellow book – Onkel Tom’s Hütte. Apparently not banned here.


We were looking for possibly a small travel bag and a hat. We found travel bags, but none that we had to have, and two men’s hats. One the wrong color and one too small. I noticed that there are some women’s winter coats, and if my fleece does not do the trick for me, I will probably head back there at some point.

There are other Brockis in Zürich, so maybe we will find one a week for a while.


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