A Swiss Halloween?

Halloween is not a Swiss holiday, but with the number of expats here, some Halloweeny events have appeared. 20 Minuten, the free paper, has had a few articles about Halloween events. Some people I know with children said they would go trick-or-treating, but mostly to friends’ houses. NewInZurich posted these activities (some with a Swiss price tag).

My 4-year-old neighbor is not dressing up, but I gave him some chocolate anyway. His mom said that his school was going to carve beetroots next week. I had just read about that here, so it didn’t surprise me to hear her say that. Maybe I will see evidence of that somewhere in the next few weeks. I hope so, it sounds interesting.

As I wandered through the old city yesterday, I found a little evidence of Halloween here.

This store didn’t particularly say Halloween, but these mannequins were dressed up.


The library at the AWCZ had these books out.


A restaurant was advertising an event.

IMG_3940 IMG_3941All was quiet on our street. No trick-or-treaters to be seen. Which is probably good since all my chocolate went to said neighbor.



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