Renaissance Music

Many concerts are advertised on posters around town, so I take a picture of the information and look it up online when I get home. Turns out that many of them cost at least 30 CHF, and considering that I don’t know enough about the group to spend over $63 for 90 minutes of concert, we tend to skip them.

However, one of the violinists in the Orchesterverein Wiedikon (where I play) is also in a choir which specializes in Renaissance and Baroque music. He sent out an email with the concert dates and that all important phrase: Eintritt Frei (Free Entry).

Not only did we get a free concert, but we got to go into another church in town – the Augustinerkirche. The gothic church was built in 1270, but after the Reformation it was used as a coin workshop for 300 years. The nearby square is called Münzplatz reflects that use. It is now, once again, a Catholic church.

IMG_3947 IMG_3949

The choir (colla voce) made up of current and former students at the University of Zürich and the ETH, performed three works by the Renaissance composer Tomás Luis de Victoria. I think that the best place to hear this kind of music is in such a church as this with live acoustics and an austere setting.



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