Dock Crane on the Limmat


Our first weeks here we walked by this crane on the Limmat River, not wondering about it at all since there are cranes all over the city. Apparently any time you visit there is construction everywhere. I even heard someone say that the crane is the country’s national symbol or animal or something. Swiss humor.

Then I found out that this particular crane is an art installation. A recent one that has quite a bit of flack. Read a good description of the project here. I guess it will be dismantled by the time we leave, so I’ll get a chance to look at that part of river without this crane, too.


At the Turnip Festival on Saturday, I noticed this particular float. (And I stole this photo from Instagram….)


Seems that the good folk of Richterswil also have a good sense of humor at Zürich’s expense….


One thought on “Dock Crane on the Limmat

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