City Views

Besides the cheap food and the free water, the best part about eating at the Dozentenfoyer is the view. Large windows look out over three sides of the room, and there is a great balcony where you can eat if it’s warm, or if it’s cool and you don’t mind using the blankets that are out there.

Despite the cloud cover, we oohed and aahed over the views of Zürich. Here you can see the HG of the University of Zürich which is right next door to the ETH. I will have to get some photos of the inside of that building to post since it is quite a lovely space.


The prominent tower in the foreground with the green spire is the Predigerkirche.


The Hauptbahnhof


The prominent building on the right is where H’s office is. He’s on the top floor just around the corner.


The arrow points to our apartment building.


The cupola. At night it lights up in the shape of a crown.


The Alte Stadt (Old Town). If you see the tall observatory in the middle, that’s where the Jules Verne Bar is. We should go sometime. The Limmat River is near the bottom of the photo.


Looking up at Zürichberg, our hill with the zoo at the top. Apparently that’s where the sun was shining.

IMG_4033I will definitely take my good camera on a sunny day with my long lens for better photos!


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