Konstanz Thermal Baths

Thanks to the SBB again, we took advantage of their deal yesterday and took the train just over the border into Konstanz, Germany and relaxed in the Thermal Baths.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.30.59 AMKonstanz sits on Lake Constance which is also called the Bodensee, and the Rhein River flows through this large lake. The Baths sit overlooking the lake in a very modern, clean facility.


You can look at the Thermal Baths website here and see more pictures. I felt a little self-conscious about taking photos while people lounged around in their swimsuits…

We had a three-hour pass which I was sure would be too long, but we managed to enjoy ourselves for most of the allotted time. First we tried out the big pool just outside the changing rooms. The temperature was 33 C (91 F), so not too hot but quite lovely. If there hadn’t been clouds, we would have had a great view through the windows of some Swiss Alps across from the lake.


We didn’t try the kids area, but it looked pretty fun for children and families.


Outside in the big pool we not only enjoyed the view (such as it was), but also a circular path with strong jets that pushed you around in the circle. Somehow we kept coming back to that one, once we figured out what it was.

Inside we also spent quite a bit of time in the hot tub which was huge and could hold about 20 people. Listening to the languages (High German!) we heard no English and a little Italian and one other unidentifiable tongue.

From Trip Advisor we knew to bring our own towels. We could have rented some there, but it was good to bring home our wet suits wrapped in our own towels. The locker rooms were very clean, and each person had their own changing room. Lockers were included. Hair dryers were available.

Some people on Trip Advisor also complained that the water wasn’t hot enough, but if it had been too much hotter, I don’t think we would have stayed in the water as long as we did. Also, even though it might have been better on a sunny day, it was also the perfect place to go on an overcast day.


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