November Weather

A few weeks ago, the Swiss woman who spends Tuesday mornings speaking German with some of us from the American Women’s Club said that she was not looking forward to November. She said it was her least favorite month here. Turns out, it is supposed to be oppressively gray and rainy, and the days are getting shorter. I steeled myself for the Vitamin D deficiency.

Then, on Sunday, the sun was out first thing in the morning, and it was sunny ALL DAY LONG. Not only that, it was up to 52 degrees! We’ve learned that double digits in centigrade is always good news. 10 C is about 50 F. The trick I’ve learned is that you double the C and add 30 to get to an approximate F.

Sunday, the quiet day, led us to the Botanical Gardens which are open every day (and free). We went the first time in September, but it’s the kind of place that is worth multiple visits. While parts of the US have already dipped well below freezing and have snow on the ground, we are in the middle of fall here (Christmas decorations notwithstanding). Here are some photos of the lovely colors at the gardens.

IMG_4045 IMG_4046


One thought on “November Weather

  1. I came to love gardens in England. I particularly liked to watch the change through the seasons. I hope you get to enjoy them all year!

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