Musikalischer Abend


Maybe all the free concerts in Zürich start happening at this time of year. After the summer break groups need some time to rehearse before they perform. At least that’s my thought.

Students and staff of the two Zürich universities can join a club called Musikplatform. This club is not for music majors, but for people who pursue music as a hobby.

If the free concert last night was any indication, most of these people play the piano. (Although Albert Einstein, famous former ETH student and professor played the violin…)

So, similar to a student recital, each person performed a piece for up to 10 minutes each, from Scarlatti and Mozart to Brahms and Poulanc. One man played a piece that he constructed out of famous bits and incorporated Happy Birthday in the various styles.

During intermission free cake and wine, chips and Coke were served.

Although I had walked through the Hauptgebäude (main building) of the University of Zürich (UZH), this time I had my camera to try to capture a bit of the grandness of the building which is filled with marble and many statues.

This is the room where the concert took place. Quite elegant, but if the piano had been put on a platform, more people could have seen the performers.


Apparently Winston Churchill spoke in this room in 1946.


Interior of the main space. It has been said that this place has the best burgers of all the cafeterias on both campuses.


Leaving the main entrance.



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