A Birthday in Switzerland

Here is what one expat birthday looks like.

Breakfast at Honold. These are the folks of the great Schoggi Tram. They have several confisorie (confectioneries) in the Zürich area, and what could be bad about a breakfast there? Nothing!


The seating outside scared us a bit, but there were plenty of tables inside. Here is a page from their breakfast menu. We enjoyed our Birchermüseli (which has way more yogurt in it than how we make it at home), our choice of rolls and hot chocolate. The birthday boy enjoyed the Mayan Chocolate which was a very intense flavor of chili and honey. My regular hot chocolate was liquid lusciousness. What a treat to allow for an hour of breakfast.


It would seem that there is a Swiss tradition for the birthday honoree to take a treat to work for the coworkers, and since I am just not a baker, and especially not here, we thought it would be nice to share some Swiss chocolate. After browsing through the offerings of Honold, we proceeded down Bahnhofstrasse (the high-end retail street) and looked at Läderach before we ended up at Zürich’s most famous confiserie, Sprüngli.

After minutes and minutes of browsing, H chose enough items for 20 or so lab mates, and we were on our merry way.

IMG_4111 IMG_4113Funny thing, at lunch we were not hungry, so we waited until dinner to complete our personal celebrations. Time to pretend we were back in So Cal! I promised a Mexican dinner, and this is what I came up with.

Mexican Style Tortilla Chips (made in Belguim) from our regular Coop grocery store. These were actually pretty tasty. The salsa was Old El Paso, made in Spain. Hot variety. Also pretty good.


Black bean quesadillas which also had shredded zucchini (because I had some in the fridge). There are Old El Paso tortillas in the grocery store (about $6 for 8), and the cheese I used was called Pizza Mix. Instead of jalapeños, I used chipotles from the Mexican grocery store. I do not know the exact reason, but these quesadillas were delicious. Not exactly Mexican, but fabulous flavor.


And by some lovely coincidence, the birthday cards from both daughters arrived the day before yesterday, and we not only enjoyed reading them, but also talking to both girls and sharing our day with them. All in all, a great day.



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