Volunteering in the Library

My theory is that if you belong to a group, you should give back to it, so I signed up to volunteer for a few things at the American Women’s Club of Zurich. I took two training sessions (about four hours total) to be able to take a once-a-month shift in the library. (The large English-language library is probably the main reason I chose the AWCZ over the International Women’s Club here.)

I have had one shift so far. My first day it was raining, so very few people came into the library. In fact, no one checked out any books (except for me). However, I learned that on Wednesday afternoons there is no school throughout Zürich, and parents are encouraged to have their children involved in extra-curriculars on Wednesday afternoons. The AWCZ rents out rooms for various clubs and activities, and it is very busy on Wednesday afternoons with English classes for children, so at least I had some entertainment every 50 minutes with the changing of the classes, watching kids and parents parade through the hall.

IMG_3955 IMG_3956


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