Volunteering for the Round Robin

IMG_0550Another one of my AWCZ volunteer duties involves working on the bi-monthly newsletter/magazine called the Round Robin. As the daughter of two English majors, I consider myself one of the Grammar Police, so I was happy to sign up as a Copy Editor. I never quite knew what that meant before now, but it involves a lot of patience and time.

I take an article and put it into the correct formatting, double-check the information (if applicable – like dates), spell-check, add hyphens (lots of those!), take out extra spaces, add italics, remove italics, and do some light editing.

This photo is of the first issue that I worked on, and no sooner than it was out, it seems that we start the next issue. I just turned in my second batch of copy-edited articles for the January-February 2015 issue. I also worked on proof-reading articles for this last issue which is a communal activity and ended up being more fun than I thought. Besides, I got a preview of the contents.

(Feel free to copy edit my blog posts. It takes more than one set of eyes to find all the errors!)


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