Switerland has its share of adorable children. When we arrived, we noticed that the littlest ones, especially in school groups were getting ready to play laser tag. Well, that’s what it looked like to us. They wear these reflective bibs, and I assume it is to make them more visible to drivers.


It took a bit of doing to figure out what they were called (in English or in German), but I finally searched for Swiss Kindergarten Reflectors and came up with this thread on the English Forum. I’m guessing this is the custom in Zürich, but I do not know about other cantons. The discussion on the forum suggested that in Ticino (Italian-speaking Switzerland) they don’t have them.

I shot this photo the other day as a policeman was talking to this group of students.


One thought on “Kinskibändeli

  1. as usual in Switzerland, this is decided by communities, not on a national level. can be reflecting vests, too!

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