History of Science, or The Deutsches Museum

It’s the world’s largest museum of science and technology: the Deutsches Museum in Munich. It’s a must-see, especially in the winter. We were told that people wanted to spend an entire day there, so that’s what we planned.

In a museum this diverse, there is something for everyone. If you don’t like science or technology, there will still be something here you will enjoy.

As a musician, I enjoyed the electronic as well as traditional instruments. Here is a violin made out of carbon fiber (the exhibit on carbon fiber was actually pretty interesting).


An early music synthesizer


Um… not exactly sure about this instrument…


But I know these are recorders (Blockflüte)


Who can resist toys? We enjoyed the demonstration of the model railroad.


Early Legos


Here are some recreations of pre-ancient cave paintings


The printing section of the museum was well-stocked and took up a few big rooms.


The glass-blowing demonstration was quite interesting.


There were also exhibits about DNA, Physics, Astronomy, Computers, telecommunications, textiles, and on and on, (some exhibits, like chemistry, are being remodeled), and a cluster of huge rooms with ships, planes and cars.

We managed to spend the better part of the day there, and I think we saw ALMOST everything that was open. As we left, we remarked as though this place is not so much about current science and technology as it is about the history of science and technology.


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