Neue Pinakothek

Of the three buildings, clustered together in the Museumsquartier, we chose to see the Neue Pinakothek (New), rather than the Alte (Old) Pinakothek or the Pinakothek der Moderne. Sundays cost only 1 euro – a real bargain!

This building did not exist when I was last in Munich. It was being rebuilt after WWII when the original building was bombed. I rather like the architectural style of this newer building, not knowing what the previous one looked like.

IMG_4195 IMG_4207

One thing I particularly enjoyed about the structure of this building is that it is hard to accidentally miss any of the rooms. They are numbered, and you sort of follow a circular route, first going up with stairways or ramps here and there, then reverse field in a double-helix coming down (if that makes any sense). Of course, it doesn’t feel as though you are in such a pattern, but after about 90 minutes you emerge near where you started.

Something I found peculiar was that the labels of the art sat at about ankle level.


My favorite art was near the end of the tour, the newest works being from around 1905. Here is one of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.


We were also excited to see two Klimts! This one is called Music.


This one is Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein – the sister of the famous philosopher.


Maybe my favorite one, or the one that made me laugh, was this one. It’s called Monkeys as Judges of Art I.



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