Bavarian Motor Works

Although not at the top of my list, I decided that a trip to the BMW Museum might be okay. It had pretty good online reviews that said things like, “Even if you are not a car enthusiast, you will like this museum.” It had the added bonus of being inside. Warm.

Near the Olympic Park is the cluster of the BMW Plant, the Headquarters, the Museum and BMV Welt (World). The plant offers tours on week days, so we missed that. I’m not sure anyone would really need to go into the headquarters, so that left us with BMW World and the Museum. We thought we’d try the free one first. That would be the glitzy showroom with all the current models of cars and motorcycles.

IMG_4161 IMG_4163

BMW makes the Mini Coopers now.


This place was crawling with people, many with fancy cameras taking all kinds of pictures. You are allowed to sit in the cars as well as take photos.

IMG_4173There was a fancy-looking restaurant and a place where you could actually test-drive cars as well as a gift shop with this tree.


After we had about as much fun as we possibly could, we headed next door to the museum.


Just as advertised, it was pretty interesting, even if you are not a car enthusiast. I learned that the company started out making airplane motors during WWI. Then they moved into motorcycles. (I was not totally enthralled with looking at all of the engines, but they were, at least, shiny.) The museum has practically, if not all, of the makes and models of the cars and motorcycles throughout the years, as well as concept cars that never went into production. You are not allowed to sit (or touch!) any cars.

I particularly enjoyed the bubble car from the 50s. You open the front of the car in order to get in. It reminded me of The Jetsons.

IMG_4181 IMG_4182

We did not pay the extra money to see the Story of the Mini in another wing of the building. They probably wouldn’t have let us touch those cars, either….


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